Saturday, 6 July 2013

Check User Name And Email Already Exist without Refreshing Page

I this tutorial i will teach you how to check username and email ID if already registered or exist in database. It will be helpful for you when you will make a user registration page. So lets start

1. first take two text boxes and two labels make sure your labels do not contain any written text (It will appear unseen while loading page)

2. make a table in your database for testing purpose right now containing two columns named 'UserName' and 'Email ID'.

3. now select username text box( textbox1) and go to source. On the left side of toolbox there is Script manager drag and drop it on your page any where in body.

4. Now, Just below Script Manager there is Update Panel (as it is seen in image) now add your textbox in this panel but you will have to add another tag named Content Template it is also in coding as shown. 

5. Now double click on TextBox1 which is related to User Name  and make Sql Connection and write code as shown here. 

 repeat  the same thing for second box but there you should choose appropriate column name for email ID verification. After this run your website it will show result as desired.

Hope it will work for you.