Thursday, 3 October 2013

Error While using MySQL Database in Asp.Net

One day I tried to use MySQL database in my Asp.Net web application and when I finished all and uploaded files on server and typed URL in address bar to show the webpage function then I got an error that "MySql name space is not available, you are missing assembly reference". some thing like this.
You my face such problem while doing this even you have uploaded all dll files in bin folder of your web application.
The solution of such type of problem is that you should upload all contents of 'Bin' in root. Suppose you have all web pages and dll files in bin folder in  folder named 'My_First_MySql_application' and uploaded this in server then you will get above error. I would like to suggest you to upload your bin folder in root not in folder named 'My_First_MySql_application' also you should not keep bin folder in folder named 'My_First_MySql_application'.