Saturday, 19 November 2016

Entity Power Tool for Visual Studio 2015

EF Power tool is widely used for reverse engineering in MVC Projects to create Model and Mapping which takes more time for developers when do manually.
Since EF Power tool is initially designed for VS 2010, 2012, and 2013. You can see it on Microsoft website where compatible version is clearly mentioned.
So here I am going to tell you how you will install EF Power tool in VS 2015.

Step 1: Just download the file click to download and simply Install it by just double-clicking on it and then Next Next.

Step 2: Now when You will do reverce engineering you will get error

One or more errors occurred while processing template ''. 
To solve this error you can just change the Target framework 4.1.5 from your current version.

It will solve your problem.

When you have done with reverse engineering then again change the Target framework.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

How to use AngularJs with MVC C#

So this tutorial is related to JSON data

Download the project file form here
What we will do in this tutorial?

1. Will know what is JSON data?
2. How to get JSON data returned from a method in C#?
3. How to use them in AngularJs or in Javascript?

First start with  what is JSON data?

As per it is Javascript Object Notation which is very lightweight and easy to use for machine and us also.
For more details visit :

How to get JSON data returned from a method in C#?
So yo can see video here and get to know how it actually works.
Steps are as:

  1.  Take a empty MVC project and name it what ever you want.
  2.  Create a new model StudentDetails (or what ever you want you are free to do so)
  3.  Take a controller and it will be good to take Default for learning purpose
  4.  Create A JsonResult (Represents a class that is used to send JSON-formatted content to the response.) Type method as mentioned in Video
  5.  Create instance of model and assign value to its property.
  6.  and get returned value by calling that action method from web browser.

How to use them in AngularJs or in Javascript?

So in this example we take real life scenario in which we develop real time web application using AngularJs and MVC C#.
First of all we need to setup angularJs in our application file to do so follow these steps:

  1.  We need to add all script files of angularJs in Script folder of our application for reference of Angular and Jquery library.
  2.  When we will create Controller and Factory method then we should not manually give reference to these files.
  3.  We need to implement Bundeling using BundelConfig.cs file in App_Start But here we are doing it manually as this is for example purpose for quick start.
  4.  We need a Global.js file that we store all global static value fr our Ui application Like some Enum value or MVC controller URL.

No we have added all files of related to AngularJs in our application so we are ready to do.

  1. Create Static Folder in project >> JS folder >> Controller Folder, Factory folder
  2.  Add app.js, Global.js files in Static folder app.js file will holde app module of our application in which we will pass our all dependency.
  3.  Global.js file to hold constant value like MVC Controller URL.
  4.  Inside Controller folder we will create our AngularJs controller and Factory methods in Factory folder (Factory method will be used to create Http request to server)
  5. Now we have a _Layour.cshtml page that will act like master page for our application and all reference to Js files goed there. (You can see in video)
  6. We already have MVC method to get data.

Just need to implement this in our angular project.

So we are going to get data in run time so our controller will access Factory service method to hit MVC controller method. To access this Factory service method we

will have to dependency of Factory in app.js file.
After this we should create controller are of angular by doing ng-controller in cshtml file of our view.

I assume you must have some basic introductory knowledge of AngularJs like what is ng-app, ng-controller and how to render angular data.

So just use this in your application and hope you will enjoy this article.

Friday, 13 February 2015

Insert Unique Value in MS SQL Database By Using SQL Stored Procedure

When we enter some data in database then its repetition is major problem for at all. Here I am using a table with Mobile No. as primary key and trying to insert unique value to it.

You can see database in this image.
Stored procedure wants phone no as a parameter which can be passed easily

create procedure insert_unique
@phone numeric(10,0)
    SELECT @phone
WHERE NOT EXISTS (SELECT phoneno FROM PhoneData WHERE Phoneno = @phone)

Pass your phone no in this procedure and it will insert only unique record.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Interview Questions on .Net Part: 1


Abstraction means displaying or allows access to that part of program or class which is important. Take an example.

How to achieve that?

Take the below example in which I am declaring four string and out of them only one is public and rest are private or protected. When we create object of this class and try to access all these variables then we get permission to access only public variable.

class AbstractionWaliClass
        private string my_id;
        private string my_name;
        public string my_contact_no;
        protected string protected_id;

Abstract Class:

If you want to create a class that is only base class.

No one can make instance of it. Then you should use Abstract class with the help of keyword ‘abstract’.

abstract class AbstractClass


Now what inside this class?

Any method doesn’t necessary it should be abstract method but it can also contains non abstract method.

public abstract class AbstractClass

        public int my_first_method()
            return 1;
        public abstract void second_class();

Now in main method code like this:

class Program:AbstractClass
        static void Main(string[] args)
            Program obj = new Program();
//Here we are declaring the abstract method named secomd_class and writing code by overriding the abstract method
        public override void second_class()
            Console.WriteLine("this is abstract method");

Know more about abstract class:

1. It cannot be sealed because sealed class is restricted to be inherited.

2. While overriding the abstract method, method type should be same as  you can see here that second_class() method is void in both condition.

3. Abstract method should not be private since it will be gain in accessible due to private keyword.

4. Abstract method is by default public.

5. Constructor and destructor can also be in abstract class but they should be private or protected but not public.

6. You will have to implement all abstract method in your class if you are deriving it from abstract class. Otherwise it will show compile time error.